Welcome to my website! My name is Ashlynn. But feel free to call me Ash or what not. I have a witty profiles. (Click on the Find Me On Witty Profiles tab choice) When I first got it I was immensely frustrated that I couldn't figure out how to put in picture codes or whatever, so i'm going to show you how.

1) Right click, and copy the code of the picture you chose.
2) Click on the drop down box that is next to your profile name.
3) Click the option, Edit Profile.
4) In the upper left hand corner there will be a box that says source. Click it.
5) Paste the code into the source box; it doesn't matter where just do it.
6) Click the source button again and you will find your picture.
7) Repeat to add more pictures.

This process applies to adding any type of code to your profile.

(If you don't have a Witty Profiles account I suggest making one! They're awesome!)